What is PureChem Carpet Care® Really all about?


Our Mission is to help people keep their carpets cleaner longer

I grew up in Southern California, and my main focus growing up was always to become the best baseball player I could be. I believed in hard work and dedication and that dedication took me through a very successful High School

and College career and brought me to the point where I was going to make my baseball dream come true when I signed my first Pro Baseball Contract in the early fall of 1984! And up until that time all my efforts were towards becoming a major league baseball player. That was until ten days later, when in the blink of an eye; I was involved in a horrible accident that ended my baseball career just one day before spring training started. And my career was over!

Then after a year of rehabilitating my body, I was left with the sobering reality that I needed to have a new dream! And I didn’t know where to begin, but I knew I wanted to have my own business and be my own boss. That’s because I knew I was a hard worker, and I figured I’d rather work hard for myself than for someone else. But I had no experience and no idea what I wanted to do. But I knew I had to get to work

doing something, and a friend was working for a carpet cleaning company in Orange County Ca, and he told me they were looking to hire, so that’s how I got started into the carpet cleaning industry. Over the next couple of years, I became their top guy and they set me up with my own area within their franchise area. I did very well for that next year, but I knew that I was building their dream not mine!

It was about this time that I started looking for a different way to clean carpets, because I could see that I wasn’t a true believer in their process! That’s when I was first introduced to the method in which I clean carpets today! So, I went to the owners and let them know that I wanted to move on and start my own business with a franchise outfit, and they gave me their full blessing and told me that I deserved to have my own company! That was in 1988, and I’ve never looked back!

With no business experience, I wanted and needed the support from a franchisor that I knew would be there to help guide me and teach me. When I started my first franchise, I teamed up with my older brother Brad and we only had about $3000 to our name. But what we had was a good work ethic, so we bought our first franchise by putting it on a credit card and we got started. We were so excited and that first year starting with almost nothing we did over $110,000 in business. Then, the next year we did over $250,000,

and by the end of that second year we had 3 full time vans going! Over the next few years I bought two other franchises in Utah and my brother bought two more in California. We were so excited, we kept growing our businesses and within 5 years we were doing well over a half a Million dollars a year in business. Within a few years, I had all my franchises being managed by some of my best employees that had worked with me for years.


And in 1994, I started to branch out into the marketing field, because I knew that marketing is the key to the success of any business! So, through the 90’s all my franchises were being run by my top guys and very profitable.  In the late 90’s after running our business for over 10 years, the franchisor sold out to a large company and they changed everything, from the process we loved and more importantly our customers loved, back to the way I refused to clean carpets back in 1988!  It was at this time, I decided to sell all my franchises and focused for the next 5 years on building my Marketing Company. By 2007, I had grown my marketing business to over $15 Million a year! But I missed the carpet cleaning industry.  I know that sounds weird, but I’ve always had a passion for it, mainly because of how it changed my life for the better.  So, I decided to get another carpet cleaning franchise.  But by this time, I had a lot more experience behind me and understood marketing better!

This time around, was my fifth time starting a carpet cleaning business from scratch. And with all the knowledge I had gained over the years, with in 3 months I had three full time vans going! Then in 2007 I started working towards achieving another dream I had as a kid and that was to have my own restaurant just like my two uncles had, that I work for while I was back in college. Within the next 4 years I had 5

restaurants going. This was about the time that I was getting frustrated with the carpet cleaning industry. I knew that there was so much potential in the industry, and I had built a cash cow to say the least. But I am a perfectionist, and what always bothered me was how many carpet-cleaning companies out there, really didn’t know how to clean carpets properly and the residue problem in the industry was getting worse and worse every year!


That’s when I decided I needed to develop my own cleaning solutions and protectors.  So, I started developing the products to answer what was so badly needed in this industry. I must admit, it was a lot more complicated than I thought it would be that’s for sure, but over the next 5 years of working with some of the top chemist’s in the country, I had finally created exactly what this industry was missing.  I was able to do this keeping with the same philosophy I first started with, which was to have all my solutions to be “Pure”. What I mean by that is free from any dirt attracting residues of any kind, so that I would never leave any of my customers carpets in a worse state than when I arrived. Also, because of all my years being in the industry and seeing how bad the residue problem had become. I knew I had to also develop a product that would fix the #1 problem in the industry and that is “Residue”! This wasn’t a small task, but after years and

hundreds of tests, that’s exactly what I have done! This philosophy is where we get our name PureChem Carpet Care®,  which is short for “Pure Chemistry”.

I had finally developed what I had wanted to for over 20 years, but by this time I was completely involved with my other businesses.  It took me several years to transition back to what my real passion was and

that is carpet care!  That takes me to today, where I can start this new venture that I have put so much love and effort into. I got started in June of 2018, only this time I wasn’t looking to grow my carpet cleaning business as big as I had in the past, because I really only wanted to share it with other people, as a franchise opportunity. Mainly, because I wanted to help others that might be in the exact same situation as I was back when I was 25 years old and looking to be my own boss!

I got started in June of 2018 and before September of that same year, I had already purchased my second van. My biggest dilemma was not wanting to build up my carpet cleaning business too big, so I cut my advertising down to a quarter of what I was doing and just did repeat and referrals! During this time was when I was getting all my Trademarks and Legal stuff together so I could start franchising. And in May of 2020 we have now started to offer others the same incredible opportunity that changed my life over 34 years ago!

Chad Stubbs

Founder, PureChem Carpet Care®