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Why a PureChem Carpet Care® Franchise?

No Other Company Can Do What PureChem Carpet Care® Can Do.

Because in my 34 years in the carpet Cleaning industry I have seen and experienced everything you can imagine in this industry. I have owned Multiple Franchises from multiple companies. And even more importantly, I have cleaned tens of 1000’s of carpets! And I know how

frustrated people are with carpet cleaning companies that all claim to have no Residues, only to have them come out and clean and all the spots come back within weeks!

And I know this because I still experience it every single day when I’m out there cleaning carpets. I also know that the Residue problem is worse today than it was back in 1986 when I first started in the industry! And because of this fact, I created “PureChem Carpet Care®”.           


PureChem Carpet Care®, The Affordable Carpet Cleaning Franchise!


My Vision Of What A Carpet Cleaning Franchise Should Be!

What I want to share with you now, is why I wanted to start PureChem Carpet Care® and offer it as a franchise opportunity. In one sentence, I wanted to give back to others the same incredible opportunity that started me on a path of financial freedom!

I wanted to take all the experiences that I had learned as a franchisee. Both, with what I learn my first 10 years as a franchisee and then what I learn several years later as a multiple franchisee for another company. The biggest thing I learned from my experiences, was, what I would want a franchise opportunity to be if I was looking to start one today. You see, when I started out as a franchisee my first time, I bought my franchise, got all my

equipment and product and I was fired up. I made a plan of action based on what was right for me and my situation. And that was, I knew I had to start where I could afford to start. Then as my business grew, I could re-adjust my goals, which is exactly what I did. I knew what I could afford to spend in Advertising, I knew what my franchise fees were and what my other small expenses were. This is what I believe someone is looking for that wants to succeed in this business. Any other expenses are really just another revenue stream for the franchisor and totally unnecessary and brings down your profitability.

I know this because I have lived it. I have experienced both franchise systems over the years. The first one was set up more like I believe a carpet cleaning franchise should be set up.  The other scenario, the franchisor had a percentage of gross volume for a franchise fee, so the more I did the higher my franchise fee would be. And, because I was part of a marketing fund, I also had to pay a percentage of my total business volume every month, for the life of my business. And that just cut into my profitability. So, to me there was no comparisons, with my first franchise I had very low overhead, a low flat franchise fee and it was very profitable, so I loved it. The second one I wasn’t very profitable, and I was very unhappy.  That is why I set up PureChem Carpet Care® the way I have.

Another big reason I am setting up PureChem Carpet Care® the way I am, is, because I have started 7 carpet cleaning business from scratch. And, I believe that my marketing knowledge is something that my franchisees should benefit from for being part of PureChem Carpet Care®. So, what we will do is help each franchisee set up their business, the most effective way I have ever started one from scratch before. And, with that foundation, someone can take their business to what ever level they want to achieve. And as someone’s business grows, we will be there to help guide and strengthen their business along the way.

One more pet peeve I have, is, I believe that the initial start-up costs that so many carpet cleaning franchises have is completely ridiculous. That’s why our initial franchise fee is less than $18,000 and you can start a second van for as little as $5,000 out of pocket.  Some other franchises have an initial start-up cost for somewhere between $100,000 to $160,000, and to add another van is around $90,000. If that was the only option I had, I wouldn’t be in the industry any longer.

That’s why,  with these following advantages,  1) the lowest initial start-up cost of any national franchise carpet cleaning business, 2) only a small $300 a flat monthly franchise fee,  3) the most revolutionary line of products in the industry,  and 4) the philosophy that the more you do the more you keep, I believe we can become the fastest growing carpet cleaning franchise in the country! I hope you come and join us.

Chad Stubbs

Founder, PureChem Carpet Care®

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As a PureChem Franchisee, there really is no competition that can match what PureChem does and what it offers its franchisees. I know that every company out there is claiming to be revolutionary and unique, but that doesn’t change the fact that residue in carpet is worse today than it was 30 years ago! Ask yourself why that is, because that’s exactly what I did. And that’s exactly why I created the PureChem Process! Because no one else out there had the solution to this #1 problem, NO ONE!

The Methods I teach to help others succeed are the exact methods I have used and taught others for over 30 years. They are time tested and Proven! But the most important aspect of what I teach and help others to succeed with are given freely to each and every FRANCHISEE! This is because I was once a franchisee myself and I know what a franchisee wants and doesn’t want from a franchisor!